And so it begins. Day 1 of many to come...

Once Upon a Saga:

I am so tired. But I am also very happy. It is starting to shape up and today it really begins.

 Dybbøl mølleDybbøl Torben Kris tcpDybbøl bus

But I am still tired...oh so tired. A lot of late nights and early mornings and busy days... However now everything is different. I am finally on my way and I have left Denmark.


I had my last night in Denmark at my father's place and we got up early in order to make it in time for another radio show. It was only 3 minutes on the air but 3 minutes here and 3 minutes there and I will soon have had my 15 minutes of fame. After the radio show we got on the road to Dybbøl which was the setting for the 10/10 at 10:10 am project start. Since I have the honor of doing this project with the Red Cross I figured that I would pay them tribute. You see; back in 1864 the first Red Cross mission took place and that was at the same mill where I would begin my long way home.

Danish media arrived as a TV2 van prepared for a short interview (almost 15 minutes now). My father and my childhood friend were there to see me off and that was perfect. Before I got into the bus we were offered to go up into the mill which we could not pass on.

Soon after I was sitting in the first mode of transportation: bus line number 1. How perfect is that for a beginning? And then again later I slept on the train crossing my first border into Germany.

Destination Hamburg. I did not manage to secure a couch tonight so I found a hotel and the manager was so impressed with this project that he offered me free breakfast. I love Germany!!

Actually I know Germany to be a great country with a lot to offer. But that will not be on my schedule for this trip. The large forests and the amazing castles will have to wait. Next stop will be Bremen and Saturday I will make way for Amsterdam, Holland. We are on our way people!


Once again, thank you for the amazing support. You are the best. Duty calls and so does my bed. Tonight will be a great night's rest.


All the best

Torbjørn C. Pedersen, Once Upon a Saga, the World Tour ;)

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