Leaving Ghana before I want to

Ghana is something of a pearl and I wouldn't mind staying - but I've gotta go.


Got my new passport! :)

I learn a lot on this journey. I learn a lot about geography, about culture, about traveling low cost...but I also learn a lot about me. Apparently being in a faraway country while recovering from Malaria just makes me want to go home. Bringing my girlfriend to the airport and returning home alone amplifies it even more. I'm however in a priceless situation. My friend Mette left for vacation along with her family and left me the keys to the house. It is a pretty big house too. She also left the dog behind and he has turned out to be good company as the house became quite empty after I was all alone. A further bonus is that Mette also left me her car as long as I made arrangements with the driver. Done deal! Can you even start to imagine the amount of trust Mette has invested in me?! A truly wonderful woman!


Metro TV Ghana with Gifty Genfi

So in the past few days I have visited the Red Cross twice, I have delivered a few radio interviews over the phone to the Danish radio (Danish article: http://www.dr.dk/nyheder/regionale/syd/torbjoern-vil-besoege-alle-lande-i-verden-uden-flyve), I have been to the clinic for a final checkup, I have walked the dog several times, I have been to a local TV station (Metro TV Ghana) and done an interview with them and I have been busy with a lot of the administrative work which I often fall behind on. Oh yeah, and I have been resting up and recuperation as much as possible...and applying for visas...


With a little killer on my thumb

I have a new born respect for mosquitos! I didn't use to care as much as now. But if I see a mosquito now then I immediately think about Malaria. I'm a little girl...I know. I know that a lot of people get Malaria and around this part of the world you continue working and take care of your family. I was taken out of the game for a few days and couldn't imagine having to do anything other than sleeping, eating and breathing. The world is an unbalanced place. At least people around here wouldn't need to worry about shoveling snow :)


A pride of Accra! The independence monument :)

Ghana really is a pearl. Most countries are when you get to dive deeper into them. People here are genuinely sweethearts. It's like the kindness knows no end. Even though Ghana is a mix of Christianity, Islam and traditional religions (Voodoo) everyone seem to get along well. That's how the world should be. But we know it's not always like that. The nature park my girlfriend and I visited was as I have mentioned founded because of local initiatives and not the government. How wonderful is that? A local community takes responsibility. You really do not find that mentality everywhere in the world. It warms my heart. Go Ghana! :)

I don't really know if I'm strong enough to continue traveling. I'm quite skinny and I feel sleepy a lot. I'm also feeling some strange symptoms like joint pains and slight headaches around my right ear? Oh well, we will know soon enough if I'm fit or not. I was expecting the results back from the clinic yesterday evening. But I guess since they didn't call me I'm not suffering from anything lethal :) I probably just need to get back on track.


I've found the RC in 87 countries of 88 so far - and I've written as many stories.

I have formulated why I'm traveling to every country in the world without flying. If you are interested in learning more then follow this link: http://www.onceuponasaga.dk/why-not

I'm somewhat tired of having to arrange for visas all the time. It's a waste of my time and I would rather enjoy exploring where I am. But in some situations it's not too bad. Next up is Togo and I should be able to get the visa at the border. Just like the good old days :) After Togo I'm traveling north to reach Burkina Faso. That visa was also quite easy to obtain. I simply went to the embassy in the morning and handed them the form along with 2 passport photos, my passport and the requested amount. In the afternoon I picked it all up. Easy!


Line at www.lcd.dk sent me a tablet in order to support the project! People are amazing! Thank you!

Niger makes it harder. I'm off to Niger after Burkina Faso. I went to their embassy and filled out the paperwork and handed them 2 passport photos. But they let me keep my passport? I asked how long the process would take and they replied: "Maybe a week?" I don't have that kind of time so I will try again in Burkina Faso. Once in Niger I will need to apply for the visa to Benin. But Benin now requires a letter of invitation so I will need to arrange for that. Next up is Nigeria. That's another headache. I went to their embassy here in Accra and was turn down because I do not have a permanent address in Ghana. They then suggested that I went back to Denmark and applied from there?! Nuts! I spoke with the man for a while and after some time he implied that I might be able to apply from Ghana if I had an official invitation. So I'll try that...but from Benin.


Some day I will no longer be able to buy coconuts on every street corner. Better enjoy it while it lasts.

The Americas were lovely!! I visited every country and only needed 1 visa (Suriname). Everywhere else I could make arrangements at the border. Europe was easier. I visited 37 countries and my passport was only checked a few times. Europe is amazing like that...when you are from Europe :)


Boomer, the first dog on this long journey which I will actually miss.

Oh well, I'm off to a new country. I would much rather prefer to move in with Mette and her family and stay here forever. But the show must go on and every new country doesn't only make me richer...it also brings me closer to home. And reaching home will be a fine day! :)


Best regards
Torbjørn C. Pedersen (Thor) - a lot richer...but not in body mass ;)

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