I thought about writing you all in one rhyme, but please understand that it takes too much time.

To heck with that now I am stuck as you know, time here is nothing so let's give it a go.
The world which we live in is precious enough, 
although life as we live it can get pretty rough.
People I met and those which I see, 
want nothing else more than simply to be.
I dream of a land with lions and tribes, 
but reality so far is far from those vibes.
People here live like most else anywhere, 
with traffic and smartphones and no time to spare.
Reality is what we want it to be, 
but nobody here lives up in a tree.
Fashion and children and news from the net, 
is something which most people honesty get.
I've seen it right here like I saw in the west, 
people are people while they give it their best.
I'm not naive I see evil as well, 
it comes with the world which we try hard to sell.
The news will promote it like shoes in a shop, 
from everyday crime to our worst at the top.
But fear not my friend cause I see so much more, 
I see family and friendships at every door.
Our world is complex we have made it like this, 
we cannot expect to see nothing but bliss.
But if we try harder I'm sure we will see, 
that people are people for so it must be.
We've reached many countries and now I am here, 
what will happen next and whereto should I steer?
Bureaucracies red tape is part of the game, 
I know it although it is completely lame.
Countries of beauty build stern and cold walls, 
to protect that within them until it all falls.
The greatest of walls can be seen from the moon, 
not really you know that's a myth from a tune.
Walls can keep in, or they guard from without, 
what nonsense are they to guard people from doubt?
In Denmark we build of a different kind, 
we sit in a bus and pay strangers no mind.
But strangers are people with friendship in store, 
you simply enough haven't met them before.
I do need a visa or actually two, 
so the Saga continues unstuck from this glue.
And time will provide me with all that we need, 
but waiting is nothing without a good lead.
So sit tight and wait while the clock ticks away, 
I meet friendly people here every day.
Some of them know who I haven't met yet, 
and one of those strangers will become who I met.
Because strangers are friendships just waiting for us, 
to discover and fill our emptiness' loss.
And when we are full we can see far ahead, 
to the next of our ventures with ‪tomorrow‬'s bread.
It's funny how life is how we see it here, 
'cause past life and future is vigilantly near.
Our struggles and troubles have mostly moved on, 
while a new day arises to steal what was wrong.
Some troubles stay with us I cannot deny, 
but fight them with will it is easy to try.
We have flowers and deserts and children that play, 
we have mountains and oceans and farms full of hay.
We have laughter and love we have come pretty far, 
why focus on darkness when you see a star?
The night sky is empty but focus is not, 
on the emptiness' darkness when we have a lot.
There are stars among planets and moons far away, 
and we focus straight at them without a delay.
We are human we see light wherever it is, 
and that luck provides us with that which we miss.
Did you read all of that I'm a little surprised? 
for this rhyme it went on and went on ill advised.
But thank you my friend for your journey with me, 
if I could I would serve you a nice cup of tea.
To the end we have brought this unusual blog, 
and I bid you farewell through mysterious fog.
That was a tough word so it got kind of strange, 
I will change it to this so you'll stay within range:
Next week will be different as we move again, 
through countries unknown though we never know when ;)
Best regards
Mr. Torbjørn C. Pedersen (Thor) - rhyme, time, crime, lime.
"A stranger is a friend you've never met before"
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Once Upon a Saga
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