Out of Africa - Into Europe / what is next?

173,704 km later (107,935 mi)
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Hey there people, I'm sort of on holiday now. At least I'm together with my fiancée and that is kind of like a holiday for me. We met up in Alicante. Spain then interestingly became both the last and the first country for me regarding Africa. I entered Morocco from Spain on April 6th 2015. I left Algeria and reentered Spain on July 8th 2017. Another interesting fact is that the border between Morocco and Algeria is still closed (and has been since 1994). Good thing I didn't wait for it to open :)
As you know I went the long way round. The really long way round! 85,427 km (53,081 mi) within the African continent. And that's kind of behind me now. At least I'm trying to look forward now. We have some European countries left before the Middle East and Asia...
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Our 12th meet up since I left home in 2013.
I will be revisiting some European countries where I will visit Red Cross offices and Maersk Offices. Hopefully it will also generate some European media attention and attract more support to the Saga. You should also be able to benefit by seeing some more European countries. This is what the "near" future looks like if all goes well.
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We've been to the ones colored orange.
Tentative dates for Europe tour:
17-19: Portugal (revisit)
20-22: Spain (revisit)
23-25: France (revisit)
26-28: Belgium  (revisit)
29-01: Netherlands  (revisit)
2-4: Germany (revisit)
5-8: Switzerland (revisit)
9-11: Italy (revisit)
11-15: Vatican (visit?)
16-19: Albania 
20-24: Greece
25-28: Macedonia
29-31: Kosovo
1-4: Montenegro
5-8: Romania
9-12: Moldova
13-16: Bulgaria
16-21: Turkey
21-28: Cyprus
It will mostly be capitals and if anyone is offering accommodation please let me know :)
IMG 9406
Alhambra - add it to your bucket list! It's in Granada.
IMG 9301
Alhambra fortification.
IMG 9332
From inside "the Partal". (Alhambra)
IMG 9399
The Alhambra audio tour comes with a smartphone and it is all brilliant.
Today I'll leave you on a few words regarding Africa:
A VERY conservative calculation of the distance I traveled within Africa amounts to: 85,427 km (53,082 mi) or twice the circumference of Earth 
- no flights were taken.
- I didn't return home.
- I spent more than 24 hours in each country.
- All visas were obtained within Africa.
- I never bribed anyone.
In 2015 I really didn't know what I was getting into with that gigantic continent? Honestly I didn't even know how large it was? Maps misrepresent the size of Africa all the time.
More than every 4th country in the world is an African country! To go once around Africa is equal to a journey around planet earth!
I've got so many stories now. I'm scarred for some of it but I'm the richest man on Earth for others.
I wasn't completely clueless going in. I had done a lot of research in advance. And yet I learned more than I could ever tell you.
And I'm not clueless now. I have truly gained much experience, many friendships and an abundance of new knowledge.
I let my hair grow from I entered Africa until I left. I never thought it would take 2 years, 2 months and 27 days?!?
But it did. It wasn't easy and I wanted to quit more than once. I never did quit and together we came out victorious. Thank you for the immense support people.
Within Africa I have traveled more than the distance of going twice around the equator! I've said it before but only because I can hardly believe it myself?
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Africas 54 countries are as diverse as North and South Americas countries combined. Some are flat and dry, some are mountainous, some are lush, most are peaceful (while a few are not), so many languages that my mind could explode, wealth and poverty and all which is found in between, oceans, rivers, forests, lakes, snow, ice, lava, cities, towns, villages, cinemas, fidget spinners, Pokémon Go, Game of Thrones, The Simpsons, Premiere League football, love, hate, families, children, teenagers, devils, saints, birds, cats, dogs, cows, goats, sheep, lions, snakes, apes, monkeys, traffic, pizza, shawarma, beer, wine and lots and lots of dancing!!!
Africa has got everything which our world contains. EVERYTHING! Some of the countries have less and others more. Often the difference is great within the country. That continent has got it all and please never forget that - because the media will tell you otherwise...
The Saga has a really long way to go before I return home. 72 more countries spread out on 3 continents. Nothing has changed in one regard:
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Sushi has become a tradition when we meet. This was sponsored by my good friend Kuno for completing Africa :)

Best regards

Mr. Torbjørn C. Pedersen (Thor) - on the move
"A stranger is a friend you've never met before"
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