My last day in Denmark for years to come!

Once Upon a Saga:

You do not get any closer then the night before! How do you get ready for several years of adventure?

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The final day before the final night. Did I get everything into my bag? Don’t know…I never packed for 3 years before…maybe 4 years. Is all my paperwork in order? Did I copy all the files I want to bring with me? Have the arrangements been sealed? Did I say farewell to everyone? Do I know where I am going?

Tonight is special. It is the last night I will get to sleep and dream in the country where I was born. At least for several years to come. I started my day waking up at a friend’s place after having a great night of spare ribs with 4 of the best people you could imagine. We had a solid breakfast and then I went into the garden to pick a few apples from a tree. Then my father arrived to take me home so I could borrow his car. I drove to a nearby city in order to see my Nepali friend whom I had not seen for years. I met him in Nepal when I was travelling there years ago. Now he is studying in Denmark and I promised to come by before I left. He made an authentic Nepali meal for me and then I was back on the road. Great stuff!

Final preparations, pizza with my dad and another late night of getting the last loose ends sorted.

I briefly spoke to a few journalists today. Tomorrow will be another early start as I will race to southern Denmark with my father to be interviewed on a radio show. After that we will head to Dybbøl for the 10/10 at 10:10am beginning of the “Once Upon a Saga” World Tour. A local television channel told me that they will be present. So what will tomorrow offer me? I guess my head will keep on spinning and then I will get on the train to Hamburg.

That means that by tomorrow afternoon I will have covered roughly 1% of the entire trip. WOW...I am almost on my way home.

Thank you all for your support!! It means a lot! And stick around…because we are working on making comments available for the blog and I would LOVE to hear from you! 

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