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Support from the 2017 Crowfunding Campaign - and now

The Danish Ministry of Justice's public approval of Once Upon A Saga ApS' account can be found HERE.

You are welcome to contribute through Patreon, PayPal or MobilePay (Danes) if you think I'm doing a good job with the Saga.

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And thank you so much for your generous support to keep the Saga moving forward. In late 2017 we ran a crowdfunding campaign in which seven generous donors (found here below) each offered $250 dollars while 15 of you signed up to have your name on the Saga tree. Jeanett Louise Jul Andersen voluntered to create the incredible Saga Tree you will also find here below! How spectacular is that? Can you find your flag? I would like to express my gratitude to all of you who ordered postcards, preordered the book, sponsored meals, sponsored accomodation and all the other ways you helped out. A stranger is certainly a friend you've never met before! 


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Thank You!

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