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My photo was taken in Sudan by Troels Jepsen.

Always present

In 2013, before I left Denmark, I was given the honor of traveling to every country in the world as goodwill ambassador of the Danish Red Cross.

The Red Cross was founded in 1863 and is today the world's largest humanitarian organisation. Amazingly it now exists in 192 countries around the world whereit always aims at alleviating the suffering of the most vulnerable people. A national society (NS) is a representation of the Red Cross, Red Crescent or Red Crystal within in a country. The Danish Red Cross is the NS of Denmark, the American Red Cross is the NS of the USA, the Syrian Red Crescent is the NS of Syria etc. The headquarters for both the IFRC (International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent) and the ICRC (International Committee of the Red Cross) are to be found in Geneva, Switzerland.

A goodwill ambassador is someone who brings positive attention to a cause, company or organisation. As such I aim to enlighten the world on the humanitarian efforts and inform on how you can take part. You can volunteer your time, make donations or simply share positive stories about the movement to make a difference.

In 2018 Once Upon A saga became the worlds greatest attempt to unify the movement in an unbroken journey. The late Gerard Starck reached 148 National Red Cross and Red Crescent societies within his lifetime. In January 2020 Once Upon A Saga had paid a visit to the movement across 189 countries setting a new record. The movement is promoted across Facebook and Instagram every Sunday as #RCSunday.

1 planning 

The Danish Red Cross was formed in 1876: / The Danish Red Cross does not finance this project. Your donations to the Danish Red Cross go to humanitarian work.


Here below you can find a few chosen pictures and stories from my travels throughout the world.

Honduras, Central America

2 honduras

My friends at the Honduras Red Cross (


Video Honduras

 Click on image to see video.


Bahamas, North Atlantic Ocean

3 barbados

My friends at the Bahamas Red Cross Society honored me with this 'Life Member' pin in March 2015.


4 pins

Nearly all National Societies have pins of various degrees.


5 caps

When I lost my hat in March 2016 it was temporarily replaced by National Societies from Central and South African countries.


Mozambique, southern Africa

6 mozambique

My friends at the Mozambique Red Cross honored me with a signed t-shirt ( April 2016.

7 mozambique


Seychelles, Indian Ocean, East Africa

8 seychelles

I always offer the National Societies the opportunity to use my visit as a way of creating local visibility. Seychelles July 2016.

9 seychelles

My friends at the Red Cross Society of Seychelles gave me this great honor!


Mauritius, Indian Ocean, East Africa

10 mauritius

One way you can support National Societies around the world is by donating.

11 mauritius

My friends at the Mauritius Red Cross Society: August 2016.

12 mauritius

My friendship and love for you my friends at Mauritius Red Cross Society! :)


Kenya, East Africa

13 kenya

Africa is the worlds most diverse continent. It has 54 wonderful countries and to follow the coastline is equal to making a journey 3/4 around the planet! (approximately 30,000 km / 18,650 mi).

14 kenya

On television promoting the incredible work of the Kenya Red Cross Society: 

15 kenya

My friends at the Kenya Red Cross Society honored me with this special pin. November 2016.


Ethiopia, East Africa

16 ethiopia

My friends at the Ethiopian Red Cross Society gave me a warm welcome in December 2016:

17 ethiopia


Eritrea, East Africa

18 eritrea

In spite of the rain and setting sun, my friends at the Red Cross Society of Eritrea received me with flowers and applause before entering the capital Asmara! :) April 2017.


Sudan, East Africa

19 sudan

In April 2017 my friends at the Sudanese Red Crescent Society in Khartoum honored me with this 'Humanitarian Ambassador' medallion! :)

20 sudan


21 principles

The 7 fundamental principles are: Humanity, Impartiality, Neutrality, Independence, Voluntary Service, Unity and Universality. 


 Romania, Europe

22 romania

My friends at the Romanian Red Cross honored me with a medallion commemorating 140 years of humanitarian work. Their national society was formed in 1876. - I visited in November 2017.

23 romania


France, Europe

Video French

Click on image to see video.


Lebanon, Middle East, Asia

24 lebanon

In December 2017 the Lebanese Red Cross honored my efforts with this incredible medallion!


Jordan, Middle East, Asia

Video Jordan

Click on image to see video.


Qatar, Gulf region, Middle East, Asia 

QRCS 1978

With 192 National Socities around the world it was just a question of time before I would reach one which was established the same year which I was born (1978). But how amazing to think that all which they have accomplished over the years has literally been within my lifetime. Astonishing! You can learn more about the Qatar Red Crescent Society by going to their website. I reached them in July 2018.


Bahrain, Gulf region, Middle East, Asia 

RC Bahrain present2 small

The Bahrain Red Crescent was founded in 1972 when it became the 116thNational Society out of the 192 which exist today. They are active within Social Services, Health Awareness, Youth, Blood Donations, First Aid, Foreign Aid and Restoring Family Links. They are a very active and kind National Society and proud to have a heritage of the Dilmun Civilization which stretches back more than 5,000 years in Bahrain. The bull's head is a miniature of an archelogical find. In the photo from left to right: Mr. Mubarak Khalifa Al Hadi (Director General), Mr. Iain James Rowe (my companion for the visit), me, and Dr. Fawzi Abdullah Amin (General Secretary).

RC Bahrain present small


Israel, Middle East, Asia


Magen David Adom (MDA) is what they call the Red Cross in Israel. It means the Shield of David. I often meet people who think the Red Cross and Red Crescent emblems have religions connotations but in reality they are 100% neutral. The Red David Star is likewise completely neutral. MDA have an end to end blood drive solution in which they collects the blood, processes the blood, stores the blood and delivers the blood. Interestingly nobody ever asks who will get the blood when they donate or who the blood came from when they receive it. That is one of those things in life where politics and religion really plays no role. Isn’t that refreshing?


Palestine, Middle East, Asia


The Palestine Red Crescent Society (PRCS) arranged for a solidarity bike ride with me!! They invited Cycling Palestine to join and a large group of us took a tour through the streets of Ramallah with a police escort ahead of us. Real VIP style! The PRCS is a full bodied national society which does phenomenal work!! And they do it in spite of some very crippling circumstances. I find that the RC truly excels in difficult environments and the PRCS is a clear example.


Azerbaijan, Caucasus, Asia


The Azerbaijan Red Crescent Society were formed back in 1920 but really began to come to life after 1991. They’ve got some really dedicated staffers and volunteers! They have several key programs such as disaster preparedness, disaster response, youth and volunteer programs, dissemination about HIV and AIDS and the promotion of blood donation.



Armenia, Caucasus, Asia


I met the Armenian Red Cross (ARCS) during the Francophonie 2018 which is an international festival that takes place every second year and for 2018 it was set in to take place in Yerevan! The ARCS volunteers were busy attending heatstroke, minor injuries and what else the 58 participating member states would throw at them. They do so much more and you can discover it by clicking HERE :)


Turkmenistan, Central Asia


The Turkmenistan Red Crescent Society was established in 1928 and became an independent National Society in 1992 after Turkmenistan gained its independence. Learn more about them HERE :)


Uzbekistan, Central Asia


The Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan deals with tasks such as a rapid response to emergencies and natural disasters, training people to provide first aid, provision of health and social care services, humanitarian assistance, capacity building, implementation of international projects and development of international cooperation in the humanitarian field. I had a good time interacting with volunteers and staff at their HQ in Tashkent. Keep on keeping on my friends!


Kyrgystan, Central Asia


Kyrgyzstan Red Crescent Society have a long proud history of humanitarian work which began already back in 1926 when the Red Cross Society of the Kyrgyz ASSR was established. I had a great time with the volunteers who are always amazing :)


Kazakhstan, Central Asia


The Red Crescent Society of Kazakhstan have a long proud history of humanitarian work which began already back in 1936 when the Red Cross Society of the Kazakh ASSR was established. Check them out HERE :)


Pakistan, Central Asia


The Pakistan Red Crescent Society (PRCS) was pretty amazing! I was guided around the Blood Donor Center which is fully equipped to handle donations of blood, plasma and blood platelets. They also have storage facilities and are grateful for all the donations they receive. However in light of the ever increasing demand for safe blood, the PRCS would be grateful for more donations in order to meet the needs. That is you! ;)


Vietnam, South East Asia

pin HCMC

It was a great pleasure meeting with the management of the Vietnamese Red Cross (VNRC) in Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC). They are doing an extraordinary good job which warms my heart! I was awarded this pin during my stay in HCMC. The local government gives this as a recognition for individuals who have contributed to the city. The VNRC presented me with it. Thank you! :)


Kiribati, Pacific

8 kiri RC b

Kiribati is prone to a variety of disasters. Harsh winds on and off generate waves which causes flooding across the flat nation. Rainfall is not regular and causes drought from time to time and for various reasons Kiribati is no stranger to outbreaks of several diseases. All activities which fall under the category of Disaster Management which is common part of the movements work. Kiribati Red Cross Society is also active within Red Cross Youth, Community Dissemination, Resource Mobilisation and Solid Waste Management.


Marshall Islands, Pacific

MIRCS jan 2020 c

Our friends at Marshall Islands Red Cross Society!! :)


Click HERE or on the image above to access the interview. You can visit Marshall Islands Red Cross Society here: 


25 contacts

My contact book now holds more than 800 Red Cross Red Crescent contacts! Volunteering is a great way of making friends and National Societies can always use more help. You are welcome in the family ;)


Throughout the first four years of the Saga I managed to visit 140 National Societies. On request of the Danish Red Cross I wrote 'always present stories' about my visits to the Red Cross and Red Crescent. I have written more than 100 such stories and here are a few of those which exist in English:


Zambia (day 1):

Zambia (day 2):






Familiar faces

Tina Dickow

26 tina

Tina Dickow is a beloved Danish singer-songwriter who successfully continues to bring joy to millions. Tina has supported the Red Cross on multiple occasions: Wikipedia 


Rune Klan

27 rune

Rune Klan is a Danish comedian and world class magician. He's basically a national treasure in Denmark: Wikipedia


Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson

28 hafthor

Also known as "The Mountain" in HBO's Game of Thrones, Hafþór is an Icelandic strongman and actor: Wikipedia 


Adam Savage

29 adam

Adam is an American industrial designer and special effects designer/fabricator, actor, educator, television personality and TED speaker who's best known for his role on The Discovery Channel's hit series Mythbusters: Wikipedia 


Alick Macheso

30 aleck

Alick is a popular musical artist from Zimbabwe and Goodwill Ambassador of the Zimbabwe Red Cross: Wikipedia 


Gina Din

31 gina

Gina is a successful businesswoman from Kenya with focus on strategic communication and public relations. Gina is a Goodwill Ambassador of the Kenya Red Cross: Wikipedia 


Iuliana Tudor

32 iuliana

Iuliana is a well known Romanian journalist and television personality. She is also a Goodwill Ambassador of the Romanian Red Cross: Webpage


Mr. Torbjørn C. Pedersen (Thor)
Danish Red Cross Goodwill Ambassador.


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