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Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans
Smart man that Lennon guy...I would not be able to say that I know anything real about Ireland. But what a great adventure it will be when I come back to see it all on a motorcycle some day.
I got to Dublin by boat from Wales. I arrived very early in the morning and found a bus to the city. I was then standing there tired and alone looking at a hostel sign near Temple Bar when a youngish half drunk Irishman approached me and told me that it was too expensive. He talked me into following him to another area where the prices were more reasonable. Somewhat alert I followed and I got much more alert when he said I could sleep at his place. Had it been Iran then I might have said yes. But 7am Sunday morning in Dublin...no way!!
We parted outside a backpackers place but they had no space. So I continued my hunt for a bed and stopped when I saw 2 guys lying on the street. Perhaps homeless...perhaps just drunk. Perhaps both? I was so tired that I almost joined them.
I found a hotel and crashed. Woke up again at 2pm and decided to make something of the day. Red Cross office was closed. Hmmm...Sunday, Bloody Sunday...
Then I began to look for someone from Ireland so I could get a face shot for the eyes collage. The first woman I spoke to was from Latvia. Then I spotted a bearded homeless guy and thought that he could make for an interesting face. He was from India. Ok then...the jolly red bearded guy over there then? Sorry, no such luck...Hungarian.
Back in the reception I asked the receptionist...nope...he's from Poland. What the f#%k!!
I set out to have an Irish meal at a local Irish bar, Mulligan's...but the kitchen closed at 9pm so I had to go to a nearby Asian restaurant? Finally I had a beer at Mulligan and got to speak a bit with the barkeeper who was Irish. So they do exist...but he told me that he was thinking of going to Melbourne, Australia :)
Not a very Irish day for me I am afraid. But Ireland, you are so close. I will come back for you.
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Torbjørn C. Pedersen, Once Upon a Saga
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