History has been made. Greetings from the last country in the world!

Day 3,515 since October 10th 2013: 203 countries out of 203. No flight, no return home, min 24 hrs in each country and 1 pandemic! 

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No more countries to conquer…


This is just a very brief hello to all of you who have been following the weekly entries for many years. I hope to have some stories written down for you next Friday.

Last week’s entry: The wild adventures of Sri Lanka!

Thank you everybody! We did it. Once Upon A Saga is now successful as we have reached the Maldives. Charles Veley wrote me: “Congratulations!! Enjoy a new country for the last time!!” Harry Mitsidis wrote me: “Fantastic man!!! Soon you’ll be home where you belong! You did it my friend! You’re a stat and an inspiration to all.” Those two men are arguably the most traveled people in the world.


I was greeted at Male Sea Port by Mr. Lars Andersen, CEO of Ross Energy, Gitte (Lars' wife), Gunnar Garfors (traveler extraordinaire), Mr. Fariu and many more from Maldives State Shipping, and an entourage from Port Security. Photo by Mike Douglas.


The moment before every country in the world had been reached completely without flying. Photo by Gunnar Garfors.

I’m mentally exhausted. I will need time to understand that it is “over”. I will need to reflect on the past 3,512 days of my life. What have we really accomplished? What has this done to me? What are the key takeaways? I’m receiving MANY messages, congratulatory wishes, and the interviews are nonstop. We did it people. This has been a collaborative effort between people in every country of the world. People have taken part in small and large ways. History has been made. Is it significant? Time will tell. I currently find time to be a luxury which I do not have. IT IS HECTIC. I’m surrounded by loved ones and friends. I’m at a nice resort called OBLU Xperience Ailafushi. There is currently no lack of attention. It is all a bit much. Thank you all though. And yes, we will be returning to Denmark by land and sea. To be continued.



I would like to thank our esteemed partners for their invaluable contributions to Once Upon A Saga: DB Schenker Denmark, Kameli, Red Sand Solutions, Salomon, the Danish Red Cross and Ross Energy / Geoop

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Mr. Torbjørn C. Pedersen (Thor) - only human being to reach every country in an unbroken journey completely without flying

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